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Marry A Millionaire

Many people always dream to marry a millionaire and wants to see their dreams comes true. We all know that if we work 24 hours a day for 365 days, we may have some money but we cannot have money as a millionaire have. So isn't it a easy way to enjoy money by marrying to a millionaire. I hope that most of the bachelors will agree with me and will try to look for a bride or groom having millions of dollars to spend on us. I have heard many times in my family that for fulfilling my demand my father will have to marry a millionaire, as I would have continuous demands for different items at regular intervals. This has given me a thought to marry with a millionaire and I really enjoyed the idea and I shared the idea with some of my closed friend and I was surprised that everyone has similar dreams. Now the next question faced by all of us is to get a suitable millionaire and if I did not get any good looking, I will even go for an ugly person having millions in his pocket. The search begins from the various directories and I also looked for the highest income tax payers. It is really a difficult task to get a millionaire and to lure him for marriage. Many of the millionaires are quite old and don't hopes that they even might think about getting marriage at this age.

In my opinion there are some stage and realities shows where any one can influence a suitable millionaire. Before attending such reality shows or stage shows, I think some of the following tips will improve the chances. First of all we should try to look the different so that the people notice us. The make up as well as the style should be unique. You should also try to maintain your body slim and attractive. The look is still a primary thing to lure the so many millionaires surrounding us. In addition to the look, the second and foremost thing comes the knowledge. You should try to learn the traditional music, art or literature. You may find many of the millionaires having hobbies in these areas and if you are an expert in these areas, your chances are high. You should also show patience, as eagerness sometimes is not required.

There are many books, DVD are also available and you should go through these and learn the better ways to marry a millionaire. You will have to bring change in yourself so that you are quickly accepted in high earning families. If you want to achieve the financial freedom in your life, you will have to put more efforts to bring the desired results. However one should also know that the number of millionaire in our country rather in the whole world is limited and a very few lucky people will only get a chance to marry a millionaire.